St James Hospital and Health Center in Chicago Heights, IL introduces Wiihabilitation. St James opened its renovated inpatient therapy gym in April. The new 7500 sq. ft. space features the Nintendo Wii system which was donated by Angelica, Inc. and 42" LCD TV donated by METT Therapy. The rehab gym also features a body weight support system, car simulator, simulated home environment with bedroom, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom, plus much more. For more information about METT Therapy and St. James Rehab, call 708-756-1000 ext 6310.

METT Therapy Services is a therapist-owned company established in 1993 and committed to outstanding customer service and excellent quality of care. METT provides comprehensive rehabilitation services through strategic partnerships with local healthcare systems and private clinics.

METT Therapy strives to make each patient experience a positive one by providing an encouraging environment for patients and employees alike.

Customer Service
We believe that patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We realize that technically, patients may not know if they've received good treatment, but they do know if they have been well-treated.

Quality Care
We strive to provide clinically effective, cost-effective treatments that result in positive patient outcomes at a fair price. We provide exceptional support for continuing education, assuring that our staff is knowledgeable of current best practices.

Employee Satisfaction
We strive to provide all our employees with a salary and benefits package that is especially competitive in the local health care market. We endeavor to provide work environments that are comfortable, productive, supportive and efficient. We cultivate our values through the development, support and appreciation of our employees. Through excellent staff development and quality patient care we continually strive to be an asset to the communities we serve. We are grateful for the role we play in seeing that the communities' rehabilitation needs are METT.

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